Maharani Gayatri Devi was unlike other royals of her day. In 1940 she became the third
consort of Jaipur when she married Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II, and from the day of
her arrival at court, Gayatri was intent on owning her title in more meaningful ways than
merely living a life of glamour.
Uniquely positioned as an early influencer for young Indian girls and women, Gayatri’s
revolutionary spirit lead her to challenge what she perceived as outdated and unjust
cultural conventions – all while establishing herself as something of a fashion icon.
At a time when “purdah”, the customary veiling of women, was the cultural norm, the
Maharani refused to live her life behind a veil – and although she donned opulent pearls
and elaborate traditional saris with grace, she was more often seen out hunting or playing
Polo in chic safari style suits and simple cotton shirts.
Lakshmi’s ‘Maharani’ collection seeks to capture the spirit of the late princess and pay
homage to her legacy of unequivocal style, effortless glamour, and strong sense of
Earthy, neutral tones of olive, ecru and white are contrasted with watermelon and lime
pastels and delicate florals to highlight the Maharani’s dual persona: refined princess
meets renegade modern feminist. Natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, silk
georgette and soft modal bamboo, as well as handcrafted techniques such as Leheriya – a
tie-die technique unique to Jodhpur – give each piece a luxurious yet down-to-earth feel,
much like the Maharani herself.
Underscoring each Lakshmi collection is an ethos of true sustainability and care for
community. Our made-to-order model and artisanal approach to design and production
ensures high quality garments with minimal wastage. We encourage our customers to
choose with care, so we only produce what we know will be worn and loved.
The Maharani collection is made-to-order with a small number of sample sizes available for purchase in