We are talking about WOOL this week, in support of Australian Wool Week, as the world's largest producer of Merino Wool. Not only is Wool one of the oldest fibres but also one of the most beneficial. It is a natural, renewable and biodegradable alternative to synthetic fibres as well as being super versatile - as we see from the different fusions & creations out there. High quality Wool fibres allow unsurpassed natural drape, breathability and comfort. 
They are perfect for trans-seasonal dressing as they provide protection for both the heat and cold. Wool’s softness and natural insulation properties make it an appealingly tactile material to work with.
The designers we carry, Rahul Mishra and Akaaro, use these Australian age-old threads in the most contemporary ways. The Akaaro fabrics are handspun from the yarns and woven on purpose-built looms, while Rahul Mishra's designs are intricately hand-embroidered, almost taking you through a wonderful journey.

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